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"It's brilliant.  ★★★★1/2" - Winnipeg Free Press.

"There's gratuitous use of cats." - Fresno Bee



"It will make your fingertips buzz with the joy of the unknown. It's what theatre should be: challenging and exhilarating." - FullyFringed.



"If any show on the Fringe circuit has the potential to become a true underground cult hit, it's 'The Last Straight Man In Theatre.' It's innovative, hilarious and unusual, and unlike anything you've ever seen before.  ★★★★★" - Suite.101


"Every minute is sheer perfection." - East of


"★★★★"- Nuvo, Indianapolis.



"Kurt Fitzpatrick is a mad man!  His bizarre, out of the box one man show is hilarious, brilliantly weird and extremely entertaining.  I left the theatre feeling violated and very confused. Also, GIANT CATS?  Kurt is a true fringe performer...  His timing is impeccable."  - The Beat



"For those who are willing to enter Kurt's crazy world, you will be well rewarded." - Theatre in London



"Best Production of 2009 Saskatoon Fringe, Outstanding Male Performer, Outstanding Solo Show, and Outstanding Multimedia Show." - Jason Dubray




Winner of The Brian Feldman Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival Vanguard Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation at Tony Award Winning Level Artistry (2011).



Number of performances: 93


Last performed: Spriet Family Theatre, London Fringe Festival, London, ON. June 16, 2013.





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