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Hooray for Speech Therapy

Solo Show

Kurt's first solo show is still his most personal.  Years before "The King's Speech," Kurt performed this show at UNDER St. Marks Theatre in Manhattan in 2003. "Hooray for Speech Therapy" has gone on to be performed nearly 100 times all over North America, including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Edmonton.  It has been performed at festivals, colleges, and indie theaters.

From early childhood Kurt had a stutter, which ranged from mild to challenging. This one-hour solo show takes the audience on an inspirational and very funny journey through Kurt’s adventures through speech therapy, from various breathing techniques to talking to dogs to therapists with out-of-control egos. Ultimately Kurt beats the odds and becomes an actor, and enrolls in a three-week intensive speech therapy boot camp in Roanoke, Virginia, where he encounters his first taste of Southern culture, in addition to a completely new way of speaking.



Colleges such as Iona College in NY, Clarion University in PA, and Gloucester County College in NJ have loved this show!

"His hour-long monologue is a testament to one man's strong sense of self and humorous approach to life, which ultimately became the chief weapons in his arsenal against this baffling affliction."

                                                                                                    - Orlando Weekly

"I found myself hanging on Fitzpatrick's every word, and in an aurally cluttered world, that's an accomplishment in itself.  What makes it work is that you're rooting for him all the way."

                                                                                                    - Fresno Bee

"As a teenager with a stutter, it was really inspirational to hear a story about a man who conquered his stutter.  Sometimes it feels like there is no way to fix it, but watching Kurt really gave me hope.  There ARE other people out there that struggle with this and he is a role model to every one of them.  Not only did he conquer his stutter, he made his journey full of laughs and jokes!! I HIGHLY recommend this show!!"

                                                                                                    - Nathan, London Fringe




Number of performances: 96


Last performance: West of Lenin, Seattle, WA.  January 13, 2014



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