Welcome  Blac Chyna!

If you are a listener of  the podcast "A Lifetime of Hallmark"  that I do with Les Kurkendaal-Barrett and Jason Bowers, you know I constantly say I will update this site.  As you may have heard on "The Wrong Housesitter,"  I have done it.  It's 2020 and here I am!

Besides the podcast, you can periodically find me performing in New York in "Sunday Night Improv." 

In January I performed in a solo show called "Uber Taxi Cab Confessions" and last year I performed my own solo show "Behind Every Great Mariska Hargitay is a Great Kurt Fitzpatrick" at the 2019 Rogue Festival and IndyFringe

Tommy Nugent and I did an indie TV pilot that hasn't let to a series as of yet, but there is a pilot episode that you can watch!  It's called "Campus Martius."