Stay Safe  and Healthy!

On December 23, 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer, with a biopsy later revealing I had B cell follicular non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  I went through chemotherapy from February to June this year, 2020, during the height of the pandemic.  Towards the end of my treatment a pet scan revealed that my tumors had gone away, and thus I am in remission.  This journey was captured through photos by photographer Howard Heyman.  Here is a photo of me driving off to my third chemo session.





















Much creative work in 2020!

"A Lifetime of Hallmark," the podcast I do with Les Kurkendaal-Barrett and Jason Bowers recently surpassed 10,000 downloads and 100 episodes.  

I am currently creating comedy sketches that air every Thursday night on FringeLiveStream.  My sketches air during the 8:40-9:00 EST pre-show.  Then stick around for the 9pm main show starring a different artist every week.  Previous sketches I created are posted below.

This summer I have been interviewed on the podcasts "A Scotsman Talks to Kurt Fitzpatrick,"The Shelf Shedding Movie Show!" and the Cancer Care podcast.  Links and details to come!